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The process can be found below.

preT Biodegradable 
Pregnancy Test


Women face inequity and disadvantages in many aspects of life. Including women in developing countries not having access to affordable pregnancy tests, which profoundly affects many women’s lives and their well-being. preT is a biodegradable pregnancy test that is embedded in soap packaging for privacy and discretion.

The soap design will be finalized after user testing with different symbol and color options. The soap's design helps interpret the result of the pregnancy test using symbols so you don't need to read through a manual.

preT provides more affordable and accessible pregnancy tests for women who don't have access and provides education on the women's reproductive system to lessen the taboos surrounding it. Its biodegradability allows for it to be buried in the ground after use for discretion. This will improve women's health thus improving their quality of life, especially their health and happiness.

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