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The process can be found below.

Cloud Lighting Kit

Cloud is a modular, recyclable, do it yourself lighting kit that lets users create a light based on their own needs. It is a building toy that helps users learn about electric circuitry in a safe and introductory way. By weaving learning moments into play, users can stay engaged for longer. Cloud's pieces can be reassembled into new forms which can also offer extended engagement. It uses screen printed conductive ink so the user can see and touch the circuit while being safe. 

Cloud consists of 20 paper modules  that are flat packed and can be formed into different shapes. 

A circuit is printed on the paper modules with conductive ink with sticker LED lights and binder clips being used instead of a light bulb and wires. 

Materials:  Yupo paper, Sticker LED light, Conductive Ink, and Binder clips


Featured on WeVux

Featured at ICFF 2019

Featured on Arts Thread "ICFF2019"

Featured on House Tipster Industry " Innovative Student Work" 

Featured on STEELYARD "ICFF 2019 Highlights"


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