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The process can be found below.

BioCyclr: Food Scrap Bin


The BioCyclr is a freezer food scrap collection bin. It was made entirely with solar power and recycled plastic.

This freezer food scrap collection bin is the first product that was processed in solar-powered micro factories in portable shipping containers that produce no waste, no pollutants, and no toxins. 

My responsibilities were market research, ideation, design development including CAD modeling and user testing.

Material: Made entirely with locally sourced recycled plastic. 

Manufacturing Process: The solar panels at the top collect energy, feeding it into the batteries on one outside wall. The energy is stored there and fed into the facility, where the shredder turns used plastic products into plastic flakes. From here, they go into the washer, which rinses the flakes. A rotational molding machine spins the clean flakes, coating a product mold with liquid plastic.


Featured on Kickstarter, INHABITAT, Happily, Core77, and NBC New York


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