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The Feast

As part of a collaborative studio class, I took part in designing "the feast", a dining experience for the University of Oregon Board of Trustees. We were tasked to showcase one cohesive design, creating a special experience for the 48 feast-goers within a short production time and a tight budget. 


I was in charge of the lighting design team and as the leader, I managed the budget proposal, production schedule, and followed up with each team/member to make sure the tasks were completed on time.

First, research was conducted to decide our concept. Then, prototypes were created and the final model were displayed at "the feast". This consisted of ceiling decorations and candle holders. The white oak portion of the candle holders were made of waste materials from a lumber company.


Apart from the lighting group, I also assisted in the work of various other departments including textile and furniture. 


Featured at University of Oregon " A Movable feast" 

The process can be found below.

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