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The process can be found below.

Minimalist Utensil Shelf

Winner of the 2018 Interzinc competition

This product was designed for the 2018 INTERZINC competition. Participants were  asked to design and develop a system of glass support brackets utilizing a zinc or a zinc die casting alloy.

This wall hanging utensil shelf is designed for functionality and aesthetic appeal. It takes up less kitchen countertop space, saves space in drawers and cabinets, and the design of its glass containers allows it to be easily cleaned. 

I also focused on utilizing the advantages of using zinc die casting such as zinc’s corrosion resistance, high fluidity for thinner walls, and I added ribs on the back of the shelf to strengthen the part.

Judges’ Comments:

  • “I like the concept of this design. A very minimal design for utensils only, allowing for more drawer space for other kitchen products. The glass container can also be washed.”

  • “The student makes use of zinc die casting’s high fluidity to make thinner walls as well as the use of ribs to help strengthen the part.”

Featured at Interzinc 

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