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The process can be found below.

Norm Calculator

Norm calculator streamlines learning and communication between students and teachers with an updated form and language, referencing current devices for familiarity.

It houses many improved qualities from traditional calculators used by high school students. The user-friendly and slim design diverges from the bulky, hard to use designs of traditional calculators. And improved materials were used to add sustainability and reduce eye fatigue.

The design process included :

  • Current market analysis

  • Whiteboarding user journey maps and identified pain points

  • Interviewing users to describe their own experience through various steps

  • User testing with with a Think Out loud method

  • User interaction flow chartCollecting user data on usage times, highest pain points & priorities

  • Form development

  • Materials research

  • Sketching new user flows and screen flows 

  • Communicating with multiple stakeholders throughout various iterations and steps of the project

  • Designing the final UI

The improvements Norm calculator created: 

  • Smooth user flow

  • Easy to use button layouts

  • User friendly CMF design

  • Sustainable design

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