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Pillo, a collection of fall injury protection clothing for the elderly

Fall injuries are a major threat to the mobility and independence of the elderly. Hip fractures are the most common of these injuries and have increased the mortality rate of elderly patients. Ageism is also an underlying issue and the stigmas that come with ageism, such as frailty and poor health, can make older adults reluctant to use hip protective gear and other assistive devices.


Pillo is a collection of fall injury protection loungewear for the elderly that are easy to wear and take off, machine washable, comfortable to wear, aesthetically pleasing, and economical. They have shock absorbing foams inside the inner pockets on the hip area which prevent hip fractures by softening the impact upon falls. The foam pads used in this project were made of waste materials from a manufacturing company. Pillo's attractive and easy to use design makes the user more willing to use the product and lengthens the life of the product while also combating ageist stigmas.

Featured on WeVux

Featured at NYCxDesign Student Spotlight and Digital Yearbook

Featured at the WantedDesign 2021 Student Showcase

Featured in the New School 2021 Thesis Highlight

Featured on the New School's Social Media page and Medium Magazine

Featured at the Design Pavillon Student Showcase

Featured at NYCxDesign's End of Year Show

Exhibited at Parsons Grad Exhibit and Parsons Festival 2021

The Pillo compendium can be found here.

The Pillo thesis book can be found here. 

Pillo presentation 

Pillo is a collection of fall injury protection clothing that protects older adults from hip fractures. 

I wanted to design hip protective gear that looks like everyday clothing to disassociate it from ageist stigmas so that the elderly will not feel reluctant to use it. Because no matter how effective the gear is, if the user doesn't want to wear it, then there is no point.

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